2017 Nucific BIO X4 Reviews


Everyone knows of bacteria so there’s no need for any introduction or definition but I think there is a need for a quick introduction to probiotic bacteria because not everyone might know what they are. The word probiotic is composed of “pro” which means “for” and “bios” which means life, so it literally means “for life”.

Probiotic bacteria are healthy and safe bacteria that live in the human body by the tens and perhaps hundreds of trillions. You have probiotic bacteria in your mouth as well as in the intestines.

Most of them are in your intestines where they break down food and extract as well as even synthesize some of the nutrients in your food, such as vitamin K, and help your body absorb nutrients found in food.

Probiotic bacteria can process lactose in milk, as well as fiber in vegetables and plants, which the human body cannot, at least not for the second one, fiber, as some can digest lactose but no one can fully and properly digest dietary fiber simply because that is how the human body works.

In the case of lactose, some people can’t digest it because of their DNA, it is something genetically inherited or at least so it is believed, some have no problem with lactose while those that do have an intolerance, become bloated when consuming products with lactose in them.

Bio X4, a dietary probiotic supplement from Nucific, is made to help with restoring the gut, re-colonizing the microbiome because the microbiome which represents the community of bacteria in your body, can be affected by things like stress or antibiotics.

The result is the death of probiotic bacteria and in turn, digestive problems, a weaker immune system, maybe more. Bio X4 is something that helps with that and also with fat loss or weight management due to caffeine, green tea and Caralluma Fimbriata, all ingredients which can help the metabolism, thermogenesis and reduce your appetite, perfect for fat loss or maintaining a healthy weight. Visit Nucific for more info. or if you would like to make an order.