Formula Focus Reviews – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to today’s review which will be mainly about Formula Focus which is as the name implies, a nootropic dietary supplement. Nootropics are drugs and sometimes dietary supplements that are made to help brain health and cognitive performance. They can help improve brain functions like memory or focus and they are in general more efficient for individuals that suffer from the cognitive decline caused by aging or by brain disorders, for example, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

In a person that is otherwise healthy, they are not as effective at boosting brain function. Usually, they are safe but you should always consult a medic before trying out any drug or dietary supplement for cognitive enhancement. This warning is even more important for pregnant or nursing women, children and those that are receiving some sort of treatment or those unhealthy.

Formula Focus ingredients: St. John’s Wort as 3% extract 250 milligrams, Glutamine as L-glutamine hydrochloride 150 milligrams, Phosphatidylserine complex 125 milligrams, Bacopa Monnier extract with 20% bacosides 100 milligrams, Acetyl-l-carnitine 50 milligrams, DMAE bitartrate or Dimethylaminoethanol 50 milligrams, Ginkgo biloba as 24% extract 50 milligrams, Vinpocetine 2 milligrams.

The ingredients are not uncommon at all and you can find them in likely any other online nootropic, even if you randomly pick one. Since these ingredients are found in many other nootropics, Formula Focus is not that different from others and unfortunately, this means that it is also not any better. It uses quantities in its formula which are, on average, below the standard clinically recommended quantities and the result, as usual, is a weak or low potency.

Also, many of its ingredients lack proof, for example, you will hear many manufacturers claim that DMAE bitartrate enhances brain performance greatly but in reality, it is very unreliable and has very little proof that it can, in fact, do so. In studies it has shown no significant benefits for memory, focus and cognitive capacity in general.  In short, Formula Focus is no different than other low-quality dietary supplements and offers no credibility or clinical evidence to support its said claims.


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