Review of Lurong Living

Lurong Living Essential is a dietary health-care supplement that focuses on muscle strength, joint health, and bone health. On the official website, it says that after using it “your joints and muscles have never been happier”. It makes it sound really good, doesn’t it? However, if you’re not new to buying online supplements or checking them out regularly, you know that there isn’t a single dietary supplement online that doesn’t have big claims, especially talking about self-prescribed, no clinical evidence dietary supplements which are not FDA approved, like Lurong Living Essentials right here.
People have become accustomed to this lack of evidence to the point that many use supplements without even doing research because generally, they have safe ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, herbs, they’re natural.

Well, it’s not always safe and it is, no matter what anyone says, better to choose supplements with clinical validation or that are recommended by your doctor than to use products like Lurong Living Essentials.

Anyway, Lurong Living Essentials is based on a single ingredient, it has 1000 mg of velvet deer antler. Velvet deer antler is obtained of course from the antlers of deer but also elks and they are believed by many to have medicinal properties. It is an extract taken from the antlers and broken down into powder form and used for various purposes, often without much benefit and no clinical proof. This extract is popular because of the popular belief that it can help with some problems like help heal cartilage or joint damage, which is not something scientifically proven by the way. Some belief it to promote sexual desire or improve sexual function, this claim is actually proven by science, to be untrue that is because the men that took this extract in a clinical study did not experience enhanced sexual function or drive.

Does it help with muscle strength? Most studies haven’t managed to prove this, which means that most likely it doesn’t, at least not in healthy individuals.
It’s not all bad, there are a very small number of studies which are inconclusive and require more research, that shows some benefits of this extract but nothing’s certain.

So should you use Lurong Living Essentials? Well, it’s probably safe, it is relatively cheap at about $35 but I wouldn’t recommend it. I’d consult a medic as well, before deciding to use it, if I wanted to use it.


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