Try Pure Forskolin Extract for Weight Loss Supplement


Many people out there use supplements in order to lose weight and one of those popular supplements is Pure Forskolin Extract which uses, well, forskolin extract, a chemical from the root of the Coelus Forskohlii which is a plant that used to be used in ayurvedic medicine long ago to treat various health problems and to manage general health. Today it is most known for its ability to help you lose weight and burn fat. Pure Forskolin Extract was not always this popular and successful and as some of you might guess, Dr. Oz had something to do with it when he reviewed it and called it the “lightning in a bottle”.

Pure Forskolin Extract is not what is seems because as I found we from reading some actual clinical trial results, it does not actually help you burn fat whatsoever so be careful whenever you like a weight loss supplement and want to buy and use it don’t just believe the claims right away, do some research and try to find some accurate, valid scientific studies and results, some clinical trials, some proof to back up the claims because this is not the only weight loss dietary supplement that makes inaccurate, baseless claims, there are multiple ones out there that do the same and many people fall to these and buy them, use them and what do you know, they do not work and you just wasted money on a useless product.

Well maybe not useless, forskolin has some health benefits and it might help some people with some problems but when it comes strictly to burning fat and losing weight, the two human clinical trials in which forskolin was used show that it cannot promote fat burn and does not cause weight loss in humans, it might do so in rats where apparently it can increase the production of a chemical enzyme called cAMP or Cyclic adenosine monophosphate which in the human body among its other functions, it signals the body to produce certain hormones which are used in the burning of fat and of calories which would eventually lead some fat loss but that is a no for humans.

It did not change the metabolism, it did not promote more testosterone as some claim it did, it did not change bone mass so basically for weight loss I would not recommend that you buy and use Pure Forskolin Extract.


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