Amino Acids for Gaining Lean Muscle

Amino acids are organic substances that form proteins, which are part of the muscle composition, along with glycogen, glucose, salts and water. Therefore, the introduction of amino acids into the body forms proteins that enter the muscles composition.

Supplements containing amino acids are highly promoted, claiming they increase muscle mass during weight-carrying exercises and prevent catabolism (destruction) of proteins during endurance exercises. But which are the best amino acids for gaining lean muscles.

What are amino acids?

A simple definition would be that they are the bricks that make up protein molecules.

Proteins are composed of many amino acids. Each cell of our body contains amino acids and 3/4 of the body’s solid mass is made up of protein cells that in turn are made up of amino acids.

All bodybuilders, when they talk about proteins, think of biceps, triceps, quadriceps, and others without considering that the majority of the listed muscles contain a bunch of proteins, including hormones such as insulin, growth hormones, or enzymes.

There are 17 amino acids, which are divided into essential and nonessential.

The 9 essential ones are isoleucine, leucine, valine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, thiozine, tryptophan, and glutamine.

Theoretically, with a diet rich in these eight amino acids, our body will be able to produce all the other amino acids needed for growth, hormones, enzymes, and proteins.

However, bodybuilders also consider other 3 amino acids as essential, namely alanine, arginine and taurine.

Proteins considered complete by nutritionists and nutritionists are in fact incomplete for sportsmen, who need essential amino acid required by the body during the effort in higher quantities.

A protein-rich diet such as that rich in chicken and milk is not always the best way for a correct and balanced amino acid delivery.

Just by filling with powdered proteins that contain amino acids such as glutamine or taurine you will be sure of the success of muscle growth. In a more colloquial language, we can distinguish protein-enhancers from those who are not noble.

In the first case, we consider proteins containing all essential amino acids derived from milk, meat, eggs, fish. There are also poor foods in tryptophan, lysine and methionine, such as wheat and vegetables.

What happens to the amino acids and proteins in our body?

Once the protein is consumed, an enzyme called pepsin is activated in our stomach. Long chain amino acids are broken down into shorter chains, then partial digestion of proteins continues in the intestine, where pancreatic enzymes will once again break down the amino acid chains in the polypeptides.

Finally, the polypeptides will be cleaved one by one by another group of enzymes in dipeptides or tripeptides, which are two or three amino acid chains.

These will be absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to the liver, where one in four will be transformed into a different amino acid, then used to form specific proteins.

Not all amino acids will be retained in the body. This depends on the momentary needs. For the bodybuilders, the main objective is to provide the body with the proteins needed for muscle reconstruction after intense training.

Amino acids for gaining lean muscle

Branch chained amino acids are the most common amino acids in bodybuilding, but they do not always succeed in delivering the wanted results. In certain situations, tryptophan and tyrosine have a direct effect on neurotransmitters.

Consuming amino acids such as glutamine and arginine will increase the risk of inhibiting growth hormone secretion.

Science has not yet ruled on everything that needs to be learned about this type of integration, and all the less about its role in muscle growth.

However, BCAA supplementation is proven as a valid muscle growth method. BCAA is composed of:

  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Valine


It is similar to valine, both serving as precursors of glutamine and alanine during intense workouts. Valine and isoleucine are the fuel of muscle cells, playing an important role in protein synthesis.

Indeed, an adequate amount of isoleucine in the muscle leads to rapid healing of muscle cell breakage, supporting the growth.

Isoleucine role in bodybuilding is fundamental.


It is definitely the best essential amino acid and determinant in the formation of all types of proteins included in muscle tissue.

Several scientific studies have demonstrated how a few grams of leucine may improve athletic performance.

The most recent study revealed the anabolic and anti-catabolic effects of leucine, comparable to beta-hydroxy-betamethylbutyrate, better known as HMB.


Together with isoleucine and leucine it interferes with protein production in the muscles. During exercises, a huge amount of valine is burned.

Additionally, gaining lean muscle is also helped by:

  • Glutamine
  • Alanine
  • Taurine
  • Arginine


Involved in a wide variety of metabolic processes that regulate cellular volume, as a regulator of the balance between metabolism and catabolism of fat, carbohydrates and proteins.

Specialists recommend to all bodybuilders a daily supplement of L-glutamine in free form, at a dose of 10-12 grams.


It is one of those amino acids that are unleashed and released during intense exercises.

Like glutamine, it plays an important role in regulating cellular volume and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. It is considered indispensable to bodybuilders.

It is suggested an extra consumption of 2 grams at the end of the workout.


It is most present in muscle tissues.

Scientific studies have shown that administering 500mg three times a day can reduce protein loss by 20%.

Taurine is naturally produced in the body due to the union of two amino acids, in the presence of vitamin B6:

  • methionine
  • cysteine

The intensity of exercises and stress can lower the level of taurine in the body. So 1g per day, after training, is a good idea.


L-Arginine is a great amino acid for gaining lean muscle because it is transformed in the body into nitrix oxide (NO).

NO is having a blood vessels dilation effect, increasing the blood flow in the muscles which means that the muscles will get more oxygen and nutrients, supporting muscle growth and postponing fatigue.

The bottom line

Whether you take them from supplements or from diet, the amino acids for gaining lean muscle are truly important in bodybuilding. Additionally, amino acids increase strength, postpone fatigue, are transformed in proteins, and support proteins synthesis. Therefore, for harmonious muscles and a healthy life, amino acids are the best solution.

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Live cell research Niagen 2017 Review

Why does skin age? Have you ever wondered about that? Many people worry about their skin aging and about many skin problems in general but few people actually think why it happens and what happens in the skin that produces those changes, how wrinkles or lines appear in the skin, why it becomes saggy and so on. But most people do have an idea of what can influence premature aging and how skin needs to be taken care of in order to be healthy and beautiful and so on, despite not everyone applying what they know to their lifestyles and trying to live healthily.

But regardless whether you live a healthy lifestyle or if you suffer from premature aging because of an unhealthy lifestyle, there are always things that you can do or change in order to make a positive change and improve your skin. What I always recommend doing is start with your lifestyle and try to quit smoking, drink less alcohol, exercise more, eat better and so on. Exercising actually is great for better skin because for one, it improves blood circulation and the skin needs good blood circulation and oxygen and so on.

But actually today I wanted to talk about Niagen, which is, of course, a skin care/anti-aging product that tries to make your skin look better through focusing on skin cells and making them function better and so on.

The name of the product, Niagen, actually comes from Nicotinamide Riboside, which is a chemical in the skin that is naturally produced by your body and that has an important role to play in how your skin cells work and in how the mitochondria works and in cell communication and more. It can get quite complicated but what you need to know is that as we age, many things in our body start to not function as they should, chemical processes slow down, muscles become weaker, metabolism slows down and we tend to gain weight faster and it’s harder to lose it and joints become weaker and many other things. Well, cells are affected as well, cells everywhere in the body are affected by aging and skin cells are no exception.

NAD+ production slows down and this chemical is important for skin cells and for delaying aging. Well, Nicotinamide riboside can help produce NAD+, and this is where Niagen works best because with more NAD+ comes better cell communication, better mitochondrial functionality, etc.

For more information on Niagen or should you want to purchase and use it, visit its official website on Live Cell Research.

Living Green Supreme Food Review

For those of you that are looking for a good, natural health supplement, in this article, I will talk about Fermented Green Supreme Food, and I definitely recommend that you use it. Fermented Green SupremeFood is 100% natural and you can definitely get some nice benefits from using it. Fermented Green Supreme Food can improve your digestion, your nutrition, your immune system, it can help with bacterial infections, it can offer many vitamins and minerals as well as digestive enzymes and more.

It is made for a 2000 average calorie diet and it doesn’t come in capsule form, this supplement is actually powdered, it contains powdered extracts of fruits, vegetables, plant extracts, etc. The container for Fermented Green Supreme Food contains a total of thirty average servings and the serving size is 8 grams, recommended (1 scoop). It contains multiple blends of ingredients which are separated and you can see them on the label. It has an organic fiber blend, an organic greens blend, a vegetable blend, fruit blend, prebiotic as well as probiotic blend, botanical blend and last but not least, it contains an enzyme blend.

I think it is an amazing supplement and it also comes at a very affordable price. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend this to an athlete or anything like that, it is not the kind of supplement that should be used to build muscle or for bodybuilding or anything like that. It has very, very little protein so just that fact should tell you that it’s not fit for that, however for a person that lacks certain nutrients, that doesn’t have the healthiest diet and the healthiest lifestyle, Fermented Green Supreme Food would be great. It is also good for those of you that have digestive problems, obviously, since

It is also good for those of you that have digestive problems, obviously, since i did mention that it contains probiotic bacteria, but also prebiotics, which are chemicals such as cellulose, which is a complex carbohydrate which can be found in many plants / vegetables, which bacteria feed on, supporting the colonization of those said bacteria. Those that suffer from lactose intolerance will get support from using Fermented Green Supreme Food because of its concentration of probiotics as well as lactase, which can process lactose from dairy.

You can find a full list of all of the ingredients found in Fermented Green Supreme Food on its official website as well as any other information that you might be interested in, and you can order it from there as well by placing an online order.

Review of Lurong Living

Lurong Living Essential is a dietary health-care supplement that focuses on muscle strength, joint health, and bone health. On the official website, it says that after using it “your joints and muscles have never been happier”. It makes it sound really good, doesn’t it? However, if you’re not new to buying online supplements or checking them out regularly, you know that there isn’t a single dietary supplement online that doesn’t have big claims, especially talking about self-prescribed, no clinical evidence dietary supplements which are not FDA approved, like Lurong Living Essentials right here.
People have become accustomed to this lack of evidence to the point that many use supplements without even doing research because generally, they have safe ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, herbs, they’re natural.

Well, it’s not always safe and it is, no matter what anyone says, better to choose supplements with clinical validation or that are recommended by your doctor than to use products like Lurong Living Essentials.

Anyway, Lurong Living Essentials is based on a single ingredient, it has 1000 mg of velvet deer antler. Velvet deer antler is obtained of course from the antlers of deer but also elks and they are believed by many to have medicinal properties. It is an extract taken from the antlers and broken down into powder form and used for various purposes, often without much benefit and no clinical proof. This extract is popular because of the popular belief that it can help with some problems like help heal cartilage or joint damage, which is not something scientifically proven by the way. Some belief it to promote sexual desire or improve sexual function, this claim is actually proven by science, to be untrue that is because the men that took this extract in a clinical study did not experience enhanced sexual function or drive.

Does it help with muscle strength? Most studies haven’t managed to prove this, which means that most likely it doesn’t, at least not in healthy individuals.
It’s not all bad, there are a very small number of studies which are inconclusive and require more research, that shows some benefits of this extract but nothing’s certain.

So should you use Lurong Living Essentials? Well, it’s probably safe, it is relatively cheap at about $35 but I wouldn’t recommend it. I’d consult a medic as well, before deciding to use it, if I wanted to use it.

VitaPulse Review – Does It Work?


I think that most people don’t think of health problems until or unless they appear, unless they feel like something is wrong, they don’t think much about the unhealthy habits that they might have in their lives and most people do have unhealthy habits in their lives, and that can lead or contribute to those future problems that may appear. There are studies that show how many people are overweight and/or obese and the number is big and it’s increasing and honestly, do you really need a study to tell you that? You go out of the house, go to work, shopping, whatever, how many people do you see fit and how many do you see overweight? Most of the people I see are overweight and I’m not saying this for the purpose of this article or whatever. Eating healthy, keeping an active lifestyle, for some, although very few, it’s something that they enjoy and it’s their lifestyle but for many others it’s difficult and they are not used to that lifestyle, they force themselves every now and then to eat healthier and be more active for the purpose of losing some weight but quickly they get back to their old habits.

There are studies that show how many people are overweight and/or obese and the number is big and it’s increasing and honestly, do you really need a study to tell you that? You go out of the house, go to work, shopping, whatever, how many people do you see fit and how many do you see overweight? Most of the people I see are overweight and I’m not saying this for the purpose of this article or whatever. Eating healthy, keeping an active lifestyle, for some, although very few, it’s something that they enjoy and it’s their lifestyle but for many others it’s difficult and they are not used to that lifestyle, they force themselves every now and then to eat healthier and be more active for the purpose of losing some weight but quickly they get back to their old habits.

Eating healthy, keeping an active lifestyle, for some, although very few, it’s something that they enjoy and it’s their lifestyle but for many others it’s difficult and they are not used to that lifestyle, they force themselves every now and then to eat healthier and be more active for the purpose of losing some weight but quickly they get back to their old habits.

Regardless, this article is not made to talk about weight loss but about free radicals, born out of unhealthy habits in our lives as well as environmental factors, as well as being natural by-products of the human body’s metabolism. Unhealthy eating, smoking, stress and many other factors produce radicals in your body, reactive electrons which attack and damage cells and their mitochondria and impair their functions. Aging is in part caused by the damage our cells suffer and it causes them to produce less energy, muscles lose strength, the brain loses some brain functions or cognitive functions, etc. If we step it up a notch, we also know that radicals contribute to problems like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and more. It’s best to live a healthy lifestyle in order to have fewer radicals in your body so you have to avoid things like smoking or alcohol as much as possible, especially not abuse them, but it’s also important to consume antioxidants so it’s important to have a healthy diet. Antioxidants come mostly from vegetables, also fruits. They can neutralize radicals.

What can also help are supplements and nowadays we have things like Vitapulse which is produced by Princeton Nutrients. It offers some very good quality antioxidants like N-acetyl-cysteine or Coenzyme Q10 and it can help promote a healthier aging process and better performance. Do take a look at the website for more info.

Niagen Review – Nicotinamide Riboside NAD+

Hello, welcome and let’s begin talking about Niagen. I have gotten a few requests to do this and also, Niagen is quite aninteresting dietary supplement because it deals with aging and cellular health, energy production, that kind of thing. Aging is fascinating, I am sure many of you have asked themselves, why do we age? Scientists have asked this question for a long time and to this day we do not know the answer, not quite. However I am also sure that many of you know about the radical theory of aging and about how radicals, or oxidants, cause aging in the human body.

Radicals are unpaired electrons that damage cells, molecules, DNA, steal other electrons and cause more radicals in turn and this causes problems with the mitochondrial function, a decline in adenosine triphosphate production, cellular metabolism and communication both slow down, etc. This is related to a lot of problems such as cognitive decline, the loss of muscle strength and so on. Radicals are behind many such problems and behind aging as it seems. Niagen is interesting, some even call it revolutionary, due to the fact that it offers the potential to promote longevity and delay the effects that aging bring with it.

How does it do this? Well, looking at its ingredients we find that it has only one, 250mg of Nicotinamide Riboside. What is it? NR is a natural form of vitamin B3 or niacn found in cow’s milk, the amounts in milk are much smaller than here though. What is so special about NR? One thing, it can act as a natural precursor to NAD+ or Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD+ is a coenzyme, also a metabolite that is found naturally in all living cells and used for producing energy to fuel cells and your body, to deliver or transfer electrons, it acts as a redox agent, as a neurotransmitter, antioxidant, etc.

It is very important for you, and from the moment you are born as you gradually age, the NAD+ production slows down. So it’s simple, and it’s proven, NR improves the production and provides you with more NAD+.

Especially in old people, this is very beneficial for energy, muscle strength and more. FreeCellResearch and Chroma Dex are the websites you want to check for more info. or to order. Read full Niagen Review Here!

Athletic Greens Review – Does it work or Scam?

So everybody knows that in order to stay healthy there are two very important things that are essential for good health or health management and those two are a healthy diet, to provide your body with all those nutrients that healthy food can offer and to maintain a strong immune system and a good oxidant – antioxidant balance and to keep your body hydrated as well, and then you need regular physical activity which can mean doing a few push-ups, pull-ups, squats, abdominal exercises every now and then, riding your bike regularly, going out for short or maybe long runs in the park or in the city or maybe walks, etc.

These things are best for you when combined with a healthy balance because they compliment each other. A healthy diet gives you the energy you need to be active and to perform well and to last in your activities and gives you the resources to recover from those activities and from the daily stress. Regular physical activity has been proven scientifically to promote good mood, to promote more neurotransmitters in the brain and better memory, to reduce stress, to raise levels of BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the brain, to help with neuronal health and protection and stimulate antioxidant synthesis and more.

However, few are those that lead healthy lives, most people don’t have a very healthy diet or a very active lifestyle. It’s definitely a challenge to stick to such a strict lifestyle, although if you know how to make it interesting or fun or easier, it can be done. With that said, many go to supplements for help, supplements such as Athletic Greens. Athletic Greens is actually a very good supplement in terms of nutritional value, containing many nutrients from vitamins and minerals to vegetable and fruit extracts and to even digestive enzymes and probiotic bacteria which are great for one’s digestive system and immune function.

However, there are some things that must be mentioned, some more important than others but to each his own. First off, it is very much overpriced, one month’s supply setting one back for more than $120, without much justification for such an expensive pricing. Second, it does not have clinical proof of its formula being safe or efficient and it is also not approved by the FDA. For me, it is the price that is the biggest issue and when I say that it is unjustified, I mean that I see no reason for it and for why I would buy this when I can buy a similar product for much cheaper.