Geniux Ingredients Review

Geniux is one of the latest supplements launched on the market and it was designed to improve learning abilities, restore our memory and expand our brain usage. None of the likes to let things go out of our hands, yet forgetting things might lead to something similar. Maybe you forgot to book an appointment with your hairstylist or to pick up your son from his extracurricular football activity or even to take the steak out of the oven. No matter if they weigh less or more, such events can break down the balance in our lives; we start feeling guilty, other people might get upset with us or we can even experience great damage.

Doctors have thought about giving a helping hand and ease our lives; after 15 years of study and research, several doctors have created the above-mentioned supplement, Geniux. It is advertised as having so many benefits and yet, we couldn’t seem to find enough information during our research; what we manage to find out is that Geniux is advertised as having more than 20 natural ingredients, but they are not mentioned anywhere. According to several clients who have ordered the product for their own use, Geniux has only four ingredients mentioned on its packaging: caffeine, bee pollen, gelatin, and Eleuthero extract. Let’s find out what are the benefits of each of these ingredients.

Caffeine is one of the ingredients that don’t need an introduction. Most of us are holding a cup of coffee in our hands as we read this article. However, caffeine is known for its strong properties, especially for managing to wake us up in those lazy Mondays or keep us awake during a less interesting presentation. According to several types of research around the world, caffeine seems to have the following benefits:
-it can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, which is awesome considering that we don’t have a cure for it!
-it can prevent the forming of cataracts.
-coffee consumers have fewer chances of developing cancer.
-caffeine lowers the forming of stones in our kidneys.
-when consumed in the morning, it increases our memory and allows us to remember more.

Bee pollen became very popular after people realized that almost half of it is pure protein, while the other half consists of a complex of vitamin B, folic acid, and amino acids. Pollen has more protein than any animal product and it’s definitely more than 100% natural. Here are some of the benefits of this extremely nourishing ingredient:
-it contains enzymes which help digestion get better and smoother.
-it has many antioxidants which seem to work very good on lung tissues and this way it helps healing certain respiratory conditions like asthma.
-due to its natural components, it boosts our energy level.

Gelatin it is mainly a mix of amino acids found in our bones and in some parts of the animals. As benefits, we can name hair growth, skin glow, and arthritis due to its large content of collagen.

And we have Eleuthero which is nothing else than a plant recognized for its amazing properties like:
-it increases the memory;
-it gives us stability during stressful moments;
-it boosts the energy level and it can even substitute caffeine.

Looking at the 4 ingredients independently, we can see their benefits are quite impressive. However, why Geniux doesn’t take advantage of this fact and instead, they choose to keep their ingredient list officially secret?


Adderin Review: Does This Product Really Work?


Let’s take a look at Adderin and see if this one is a nootropic supplement worth buying. Adderin is natural, it claims at least that its ingredients are natural and that it is a very good nootropic, its claims are bold but completely unfounded. Yes, I use the word unfounded in my reviews very often, it’s not may fault really, or maybe it is, maybe I should use a synonym such as baseless or misleading but in the end the meaning is identical, the same and the reason I use it is because most of the supplements online make unfounded claims. That is because they have no clinical, valid evidence to show to you, the customer or the user, that their product works or that it is safe and it’s the same with Adderin, to say that its claims are not unfounded would be a lie, try and look for evidence because you will find none.

Let’s go ahead and look at its ingredients, what does it have? Well if you can’t find its official website just go ahead and visit Addium’s official website because they both have the same ingredients. Not kidding, not similar ingredients but the same ingredients, the label looks exactly the same, I actually have both bottles here with me as I am typing, I ordered Addium long ago and I still have the container, not a supplement that I recommend by the way. So yeah, both have the same ingredients and they are Niacin, Vitamin B6, Caffeine, GABA, Bacopa Monnieri, Alpha GPC, L-theanine, Phosphatidylserine, L-tyrosine, Vinpocetine and Huperzine A. There are some minor differences because Adderin appears to have less Niacin and its proprietary blend is 500 mg while Addium’s is 545 mg as I’m seeing on the container. Don’t ask me what are the individual quantities for the ingredients in the proprietary blend because I can’t tell you as they are not shown or mentioned anywhere on the label on on the website.

Since there’s no proof of anything you could say it has a lot of caffeine to offer a sort of placebo effect and nothing more, you could say that and it could be true since there’s nothing to show different. Judging by the reviews of Adderin it also doesn’t look to good and I wouldn’t recommend it even if they were good reviews but it has negative reviews or atleast I happened to read a lot of negative reviews so I will end this review by not recommending it and instead recommending that you stay away from Adderin.