Geniux – Is there really a limitless pill?


Cognitive impairment, poor mental function, whatever you want to call it, everyone suffers from it. I am not talking about mental diseases today, but about things like brain fog, lack of focus, memory loss and so on which are caused by lifestyle factors such as sleep deprivation, stress, etc.

Basically, these things aren’t permanent, but every now and then you get them and they prevent you from performing well in both mental but also physical activities. For example bad moods. What are they? A mood is actually caused by chemicals in your brain called neurotransmitters and those, in turn, are influenced to be produced by certain factors in your lifestyle.

Physical activity, for example, has been proven and it is a fact that it triggers certain chemicals in the brain which decrease depression, stress and improves overall health, however contrary to this, sedentarism which means a lack of physical activity, but also the lack of social activity such as socializing with other people or going out, has been linked to actual health problems and mental decline, depression and more.

And do i really need to bring in nutrition? Nutrients such as vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids and more are very important for your brain’s performance, and many other nutrients are needed not just for performance but also for your brain’s health. The brain cells can suffer damage, brain neurotoxins can have a negative influence on brain health and performance and many nutrients from foods, specifically things such as antioxidants help protect your brain and keep it healthy.

Many of you use nootropic supplements, that is a fact, worldwide actually millions of people use them and how does a nootropic supplement work? Basically they offer nutrients to the brain which help it work better but naturally or normally your brain should get them from food. Most people with decreases in mental performance actually suffer from nutrient deficiencies but just don’t know it.  But anyway, in this article i also wanted to recommend a supplement for you, for those that feel like they need it.

I generally don’t support supplement use because I think people should focus more on a healthy lifestyle, but i agree and i know from personal experience that they can help sometimes by boosting your performance. The supplement i am recommending today is called Geniux and it consists of a 500 milligrams proprietary blend which contains bee pollen, eleuthero root extract and also caffeine. It has lots of antioxidants, lots of vitamins and minerals and it can balance mood, improve certain cognitive functions and more.

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